Setup Virtual Machine For LAMP

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This covers setting up a Virtual Machine (VM) for use as a LAMP server for testing purposes. I chose VirtualBox because it is free and runs on many platforms. If you plan to install your LAMP stack on an existing virtual machine, another hypervisor, or a physical machine, you can skip this article. If your […]

Building a LAMP Server From Source

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This year, between my health issues, ADHD and just general laziness, I have opted to decentralize the series of articles on building a LAMP server from source. Each step will be outlined in an individual article which can be accessed via the drop-down menu at the top of the website. This allows me to ramble […]

Managing a Linux Virtual Machine

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This article serves as a cheat guide for managing a Linux virtual machine. Most of this applies to physical Linux machines as well. Look for future updates to cover different hypervisors, distributions, etc. This is all pretty basic stuff that experienced Linux users are probably already aware of. But a cheat guide like this can […]

Fragmentation of Dynamically-Expanding VHDs Under Hyper-V

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Most of us are aware of how inefficient the NTFS file system is and the massive amount of fragmentation that can easily result. But this week I saw a prime example of how crucial it is to make defragmenting part of your regular maintenance routine with Windows servers. It is common to run defragmentation software […]