PC Game Guides and Checklists

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Over the years, I have created several PC game guides and checklists (as well as various notes) for some of my favorite PC games. I thought it was time I shared some of them. Feel free to use, modify, and redistribute them as you wish. I made these for myself, so I really am not […]

Fallout 4 Quest Flowchart

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CADE isn’t always the best for making flow charts, so I decided to give Dia a try. I would never use Dia for a network diagram (CADE still rules there in my opinion), but I was able to quickly make a flowchart documenting the best way to complete the main/faction quests in Fallout 4 and […]

Morrowind – An Alternative to MGSO

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I revived one of my favorite games — Morrowind. Many people use Morrowind Graphics and Sound Overhaul to enhance the game. MGSO is easy and doesn’t require modding knowledge, but it is better to customize the game to your liking by installing only the mods you want (not to mention MGSO is highly unstable).

DRM Insanity

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Legal stuff: don’t take any of the following to mean I am in any way condoning or promoting taking any illegal action. This is simply my observations on the evolution of DRM and its effect on the future of the software industry and the consumers who pay for harmful software. Two days ago I received […]