Choosing a Linux Distro

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I’ve been an advocate for Linux since I started with Slackware in the mid-90s. One of the most basic questions those interested in switching to Linux ask is "which distribution (aka distro) do I use?" With more people becoming unhappy with how Microsoft has hijacked their computers with Windows 10 (automatic updates installing/uninstalling software for […]

A Non-default Port Is Not Security!

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This month’s geek bitch-fest is about all these how-to guides out there that tell you to change various services to a non-default port. Unless it is necessary to avoid port conflicts (i.e. everything that tries to use port 80 and isn’t a web server) or to enable connectivity from public networks with strict firewall restrictions […]

Libertarians and Bernie Sanders

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I don’t understand self-proclaimed libertarians who are rooting for Bernie Sanders. Granted, they are only a subset of libertarians as a whole, but they are quite vocal. When asked about specific libertarian issues, they usually have no response other than "but he’s libertarian on social issues." Let’s look at the definition of libertarian. The simplest […]

Fallout 4 Quest Flowchart

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CADE isn’t always the best for making flow charts, so I decided to give Dia a try. I would never use Dia for a network diagram (CADE still rules there in my opinion), but I was able to quickly make a flowchart documenting the best way to complete the main/faction quests in Fallout 4 and […]

Morrowind – An Alternative to MGSO

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I revived one of my favorite games — Morrowind. Many people use Morrowind Graphics and Sound Overhaul to enhance the game. MGSO is easy and doesn’t require modding knowledge, but it is better to customize the game to your liking by installing only the mods you want (not to mention MGSO is highly unstable).

Fragmentation of Dynamically-Expanding VHDs Under Hyper-V

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Most of us are aware of how inefficient the NTFS file system is and the massive amount of fragmentation that can easily result. But this week I saw a prime example of how crucial it is to make defragmenting part of your regular maintenance routine with Windows servers. It is common to run defragmentation software […]

Groupware for the SMB

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I have researched groupware/collaboration software for years in search of the ideal solution for the SMB (see my previous post regarding a Zimbra turnkey solution). I can’t say there is any cookie-cutter solution for all small and medium businesses. The considerations usually come down to the following in my experience, both as an IT Director […]

DRM Insanity

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Legal stuff: don’t take any of the following to mean I am in any way condoning or promoting taking any illegal action. This is simply my observations on the evolution of DRM and its effect on the future of the software industry and the consumers who pay for harmful software. Two days ago I received […]

Free Collaboration Appliance For The Linux Noob

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Collaboration suites are becoming more and more common in even the smallest of businesses. Email, calendars, tasks, etc. are integrated even on cheap cell phones now so it is not unheard of for an IT consultant to be asked to deploy a collaboration server for shops with only a handful of computer users. Yet once […]

Multimedia Class Scheduler in Windows Vista

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When they designed Windows Vista, the Microsoft programmers were concerned about how high-quality multimedia content put a strain on the then-current computer hardware such as single-core processors, so they created a service called “Multimedia Class Scheduler” (MMCSS) that is constantly running in the background. This service will throttle your NIC (network card) and change CPU […]