Apache HTTP Server – Building a LAMP Server (2020)

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This covers installing Apache HTTP Server from source. Even for distros which maintain current versions, the Apache Software Foundation recommends compiling HTTP Server from source. Estimated time (this post only): 10 minutes * varies slightly by distro Apache Prerequisites PCRE Although your distro probably already has PCRE installed, the Apache website recommends compiling the most […]

Development Tools – Building a LAMP Server (2020)

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Here we will cover setting up development tools for use in compiling software. While most distributions come with a set of development tools you can install from their repository, there are some that we may wish to compile manually, usually because the distribution contains very old versions. Important: you can probably skip most of this […]

Install Linux – Building a LAMP Server (2020)

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Here we will cover how to install Linux, focusing on a variety of different distributions for use as a LAMP server. Estimated time (this post only): 45 minutes * varies by distro Why Not Install a Desktop Environment? A web server does not need a desktop and installing one only consumes resources and possibly introduces […]

Managing a Linux Virtual Machine

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This article serves as a cheat guide for managing a Linux virtual machine. Most of this applies to physical Linux machines as well. Look for future updates to cover different hypervisors, distributions, etc. This is all pretty basic stuff that experienced Linux users are probably already aware of. But a cheat guide like this can […]

Choosing a Linux Distro

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I’ve been an advocate for Linux since I started with Slackware in the mid-90s. One of the most basic questions those interested in switching to Linux ask is "which distribution (aka distro) do I use?" With more people becoming unhappy with how Microsoft has hijacked their computers with Windows 10 (automatic updates installing/uninstalling software for […]

Groupware for the SMB

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I have researched groupware/collaboration software for years in search of the ideal solution for the SMB (see my previous post regarding a Zimbra turnkey solution). I can’t say there is any cookie-cutter solution for all small and medium businesses. The considerations usually come down to the following in my experience, both as an IT Director […]

Free Collaboration Appliance For The Linux Noob

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Collaboration suites are becoming more and more common in even the smallest of businesses. Email, calendars, tasks, etc. are integrated even on cheap cell phones now so it is not unheard of for an IT consultant to be asked to deploy a collaboration server for shops with only a handful of computer users. Yet once […]