Install Linux For a LAMP Server

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Here we will cover how to install Linux, focusing on a variety of different distributions for use as a LAMP server. Estimated time (this post only): 45 minutes * varies by distro Why Not Install a Desktop Environment? A web server does not need a desktop and installing one only consumes resources and possibly introduces […]

Setup Virtual Machine For LAMP

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This covers setting up a Virtual Machine (VM) for use as a LAMP server for testing purposes. I chose VirtualBox because it is free and runs on many platforms. If you plan to install your LAMP stack on an existing virtual machine, another hypervisor, or a physical machine, you can skip this article. If your […]

Building a LAMP Server From Source

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This year, between my health issues, ADHD and just general laziness, I have opted to decentralize the series of articles on building a LAMP server from source. Each step will be outlined in an individual article which can be accessed via the drop-down menu at the top of the website. This allows me to ramble […]