Install Linux For a LAMP Server

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Here we will cover how to install Linux, focusing on a variety of different distributions for use as a LAMP server. Estimated time (this post only): 45 minutes * varies by distro Why Not Install a Desktop Environment? A web server does not need a desktop and installing one only consumes resources and possibly introduces […]

Setup Virtual Machine For LAMP

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This covers setting up a Virtual Machine (VM) for use as a LAMP server for testing purposes. I chose VirtualBox because it is free and runs on many platforms. If you plan to install your LAMP stack on an existing virtual machine, another hypervisor, or a physical machine, you can skip this article. If your […]

Life Lessons

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I have learned many hard lessons about life, people, and myself these last few years. Here are just a few takeaways. First the obvious. We all know this, but sometimes the reality of it hits you hard. None of us know how much time we have left. I am not a religious person, so in […]

Building a LAMP Server From Source

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This year, between my health issues, ADHD and just general laziness, I have opted to decentralize the series of articles on building a LAMP server from source. Each step will be outlined in an individual article which can be accessed via the drop-down menu at the top of the website. This allows me to ramble […]

Managing a Linux Virtual Machine

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This article serves as a cheat guide for managing a Linux virtual machine. Most of this applies to physical Linux machines as well. Look for future updates to cover different hypervisors, distributions, etc. This is all pretty basic stuff that experienced Linux users are probably already aware of. But a cheat guide like this can […]

PC Game Guides and Checklists

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Over the years, I have created several PC game guides and checklists (as well as various notes) for some of my favorite PC games. I thought it was time I shared some of them. Feel free to use, modify, and redistribute them as you wish. I made these for myself, so I really am not […]

Choosing a Linux Distro

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I’ve been an advocate for Linux since I started with Slackware in the mid-90s. One of the most basic questions those interested in switching to Linux ask is "which distribution (aka distro) do I use?" With more people becoming unhappy with how Microsoft has hijacked their computers with Windows 10 (automatic updates installing/uninstalling software for […]

A Non-default Port Is Not Security!

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This month’s geek bitch-fest is about all these how-to guides out there that tell you to change various services to a non-default port. Unless it is necessary to avoid port conflicts (i.e. everything that tries to use port 80 and isn’t a web server) or to enable connectivity from public networks with strict firewall restrictions […]

Libertarians and Bernie Sanders

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I don’t understand self-proclaimed libertarians who are rooting for Bernie Sanders. Granted, they are only a subset of libertarians as a whole, but they are quite vocal. When asked about specific libertarian issues, they usually have no response other than "but he’s libertarian on social issues." Let’s look at the definition of libertarian. The simplest […]

Fallout 4 Quest Flowchart

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CADE isn’t always the best for making flow charts, so I decided to give Dia a try. I would never use Dia for a network diagram (CADE still rules there in my opinion), but I was able to quickly make a flowchart documenting the best way to complete the main/faction quests in Fallout 4 and […]